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Oral Anglais ;)


Oral Anglais ;)


Honestly, we prefer hour a week. In our school, we eat at twelve o'clock whereas Tyler eats at eleven o'clock. We prefer the French timetable. Tyler doesn't have a recess after lunch whereas we do. We think it is better because we have more time to relax and meet friends. In American schools, pupils have lockers but in France we don't.

Finishing earlier would be better. The American school bus is prettier than we french. In U.S.A they go to school for four hours a day whereas we go to school for seven o'clock of lessons a day so it is more tiring.

A retenir :

hour : aoueur

our : aour

honestly : onesli

recess rissess

relax : rilax

pupils : pioupôls

earlier : eulieu

would : wood

prettier : pwédieu

tiring : taieuing

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