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Dialogue 2


Dialogue 2

Théorie des langages

-Hello, I'm Mrs Paul ans I would like to work during the Christmas holidays.

-Hello, I'm Miss clare and I'm the manager. Can I ask you a few questions?

-Yes, of course!

-how old are you ?

-I'm twenty-one years pld.

-Where do you live ?

-I live in Vertus, in France.

-Can you speak English?

-Yes, I can speak English.

-Can you drive a car ?

-Yes I can.

-Can you use a computer?

-I'm sorry, I can't !

-Can you swim and cook?

-I can swim ans cook very well.

-OK. What's your phone number ?

-My phone number is 07 03 28 53 21

-Thank you very much. I will call you back.

-You're welcome. Goodbye.

-Goodbye. have a nice day

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